Please check our Facebook Page for updates on times and rescheduling due to weather.

2023 Off-Road Race Schedule

5/13 Sat   River City Showdown! (Trophy Race)
5/20 Sat   Basher/Rookie Day
5/28 Sun  Open Race
6/17 Sat   Open Race
7/15 Sat   Midwest Shootout! (Trophy Race)
8/5 Sat   Summer Scramble!  (Postponed to 9/2)
8/13 Sun   Basher/Rookie Day
9/2 Sat   Summer Scramble! (Trophy Race)
10/7 Sat   Fall Frenzy! (Trophy Race)

Check each event page on Facebook for start times and other details specific to each event. Events currently without an event page don’t have all the details finalized yet.

Trophy Race
Anyone can enter. Club members receive a discount on entries. 1st – 5th place trophies for each of the standard 6 classes run.

Open Race
Anyone can enter. Club members receive a discount on entries. Typically smaller turnouts. We run whatever classes we have enough entries for and create new ones if needed. The only prize is bragging rights. (no trophy)

Basher/Rookie Day
Similar to an “Open Race” but aimed more at bashers and novice drivers. This is the perfect event for newbies not sure if they want to get into racing.  Shorter race day and perfect for drivers with cars outside the normal classes we run at most events. We can also create new classes if needed.  Just bring what you have and we can usually make it work.

2023 Oval Race Schedule

Due to the dwindling number of 1/8th scale oval racers in recent years, and an increase in number of 1/10th scale oval tracks in the state, we have decided not to hold races on the oval track for the 2023 season. The lack of volunteers willing to help maintain the oval track to have it race ready also contributed to this decision. We would love to get some oval races scheduled, but we can’t do it without some help from the oval racer community. However, the oval track will still be free to use anytime during normal park hours unless we are hosting a race on the off-road track. If you’re interested in volunteering, please message us on Facebook.

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