Oval Track Classes & Rules

1/8 scale Aarma Talion


1/8 scale Truggy with smooth tires.

4 to 6 cell batteries

Truggy or late model bodies


  • You may upgrade the steering servo. Any TRAXXAS colored
    aluminum parts may be used.
    ● RPM approved components list
    ○ 80712 80905 73752
    ○ 80832 80372 80592
    ○ 80852 80382 80594
    ○ 8102 80244 80595
    ○ 81003 80249
    ○ 81005 80599
  • Transmission
    ○ All parts must be in stock location
    ○ must use stock differential
    ○ no locking or modification in any way
    ○ must have diff action.
    ● Electronics
    ○ must be stock speed control
    ○ stock 12T brushed motor (Titan)
    ○ No opening the motor or mods of any kind.
    ○ You must use stock connectors for the motor, no soldering
    ● Wheels and Tires
    ○ Any wheel may be used as long as it is for 2WD Slash Truck
    ○ Stock offsets must be used; fronts on front and rears on rear
    ○ Tires- Kumho, Venture and BFGoodrich treads
    ○ No S1 compounds allowed
    ○ Stock foam inserts- no alterations
    ○ Minimum tread depth .065”
    ● Shocks and Springs
    ○ Stock shocks, no adjusted shocks allowed
    ○ You may use TRAXXAS running springs. No altering allowed
    ● Ride Height Minimum is .075”
    ● Batteries
    ○ Any 2S hard case batterySLASH Late Model rules are the same with these additions
    ● TRAXXAS LCG chassis permitted
    ● Wheels and Tires
    ○ Banditos, DE, and Pro Line Hoosiers allowed


Must be a Short Course based chassis
○ Carbon Fiber chassis allowed
○ Suspension components, transmission, front and rear
bulkheads, MUST be on the centerline of the vehicle.
○ All larger volume chassis are legal (AE, TLR, TRAXXAS)
● Aftermarket or specifically built chassis kits must conform to the
○ Maximum chassis width 7”, minimum 5 1/8”
○ Max left side of chassis can be from center line is 3 1⁄2” inches
○ Right side must be a minimum of 2 1⁄4” from the center line to
the outside edge of the chassis
○ Minimum wheel base 12 1⁄2” , Maximum wheel base 13 1⁄2”
○ Front track width minimum 11.42”, maximum 11.65”
● Front suspension arms must be equal size left and right
● Adjustable rear suspension arms are allowed
● Battery must be mounted on the centerline of the vehicle.Can be
horizontal or in line, but the center of battery must be on centerline.
● Motors – modified allowed
● Battery – 2 cell hard case LiPo
● Body rules
○ 13”max width, 28” max length bumper to spoiler, 7 1⁄2 “ max
height measured from bottom of chassis.
○ Center deck 1” max deck rake
○ Center deck 1” max deck taper ( widest part of deck can only be
1” wider than narrowest part of deck)
○ Spoiler – 1 1⁄2 “max spoiler height
○ Spoiler end plates – 2” high off of center deck. 3 1⁄4” long
○ Roof – 1⁄2”max of roof rake, measured from deck. Max roof width
9”. Max roof length is 9”. No roof spoilers, but a bend down at
the trailing edge of the roof is allowed for strength.
○ Roof side rails are allowed but must have a scale appearance
and be on the left and right sides of the roof.

○ Roof – a 1⁄4” bend down at the leading edge of the roof is
○ Nose – sides can extend max of 1⁄4” above the plane of the
nose panel. Nose cannot extend past the inner edges of the
front wheels. Main nose panel must be a flat plane. No concave
or scooped noses allowed
○ Rear wheel wells must be cut out to expose most of the rear
○ Left and right windows and sails can be open as long as both
sides are the same.

Buggy Street Stock

Factory built,  stock chassis

13.5 JustStock Motor and Speed control combo (60 amp) from Hobbywing

1/10 scale stock appearing body


Adjustable rear arms ARE NOT ALLOWED

Sprint car rules

  • All cars must have a scale appearing roll cage, hood, side panels, nerf bars and bumpers.
  • Minimum of a 4 post cage required that resembles a drivers cock pit.
  • All electronics, radio gear, fuel tanks must be positioned inside the cage side frames. Three dimensional scale appearing exhaust headers are recommended, but not mandatory.


  • Rear cage side panels may be used but may not extend more the .250” beyond rear cage frame.
  • No Lexan or any other material may be mounted to nerf bars, bumpers, cage, wig or any other parts of the car that will trap, alter or direct air flow for the purpose of gaining an aerodynamic advantage.
  • Wheelbase must be within 9.50” and 11.50”. Max width is 10.00”
  • Must have appropriate opening on both sides of cage in driver compartment, forward portion of side panels can be no taller than highest point of the hood.

-Maximum length: 11.00”

-Maximum width of hood: 3.60”

-Maximum cage width at driver halo, down tubes, and top frame rail: 3.60”

-Minimum vertical gap form top of hood to front cage crossbar: .750”

-Wing minimum height at leading edge: 5.00” front bottom of chassis.



  • Center sections and side panels must be made from at least 3 separate pieces of polycarbonate or carbon material. (NO ALUM side panels allowed)
  • All corners and edges must be rounded or cut 45 degrees free from sharp edges.
  • Main and Front wings must be mounted so that they are centered on cage, no offset wings.
  • Wing center sections must have all 4 corners set a 90 degree angles, no canted or angled panels.
  • Wings must also be mounted level from side to side
  • Center section of wing may not extend beyond leading or trailing edge of die panels.
  • Side panels must have braces that hold side panels rigid 90 degrees to center section during race conditions, two braces are required from top of the center foil to the left sideboard and two braces are permitted below the center foil to the right sideboard.
  • Braces can be a maximum of .750” wide and front edge of the front brace must be no more than 1.5” back from the side panel leading edge. Side panels may have a front, back, top and bottom turnout of no more than .375” and included in max dimension. Flat foil center sections will be allowed .250” turndown at the leading edge.
  • Wing size used will be 7×7. Driver numbers must be posted on each side of the side panels of the wing.


13.5 Sprint Car Rules

  • Spec class
    ● 13.5 Hobbywing just stock motor and ESC combo only
    ● JConcepts sprinter is the spec tire

Oval Track Announcement

Due to the dwindling number of 1/8th scale oval racers in recent years, and an increase in number of 1/10th scale oval tracks in the state, we have decided not to hold races on the oval track for the 2023 season.  The lack of volunteers willing to help maintain the oval track also contributed to this decision.  However, the oval track will still be free to use anytime during normal park hours unless we are hosting a race on the off-road track.  If you’re interested in volunteering by helping maintain the oval track and/or by organizing oval races, please message us on Facebook.